Hi! I'm Clement, a young competent engineer who has focused his work and studies on his passions: Computer Graphics and 3D Mathematics.

Always willing to learn and work with new technologies,
I always keep up to date with the latest advancements in the fields of 3D and virtual reality.


My Resume

Always interested by the new technologies, I have center my studies and jobs around the Digital Imaging programming.
I am curently working for the laboratory INRIA specialized in Compter Science and Automatization.
It consolidates my knoledges and give me new skills like in Virtual Reality.
I am always searching new exiciting challenge to beat and create a product useful for the customer and I know it will continue to live after my tribute.

My Job Experiences

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INRIA - BuildingSmart

My Personnal Projects

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Instancing + Tessellation + LOD

Waves & Displacement

Particle System

SSAO - Ambient Occlusion

Shoot The Music

Nightmares Killer

About Me

I am really curious and motivated to learn more about programming, mathematics and 3D. My goal is to improve my level and to work soon in the Video Game Industry. Video Game is an art like Cinema, they both combine a lot of other arts (Drawing, Architecture, Literature, Music...). Yet, video games bring you the power to be the hero of the story. I have built my gaming culture with AAA game (Half Life, Call of Duty, GTA...), Independent Game (Minecraft, Limbo, Braid...) and Esport (Counter-strike 1.6). Those different categories taught me more about the realization of a good game and gave me several of good ideas for my own future games. I am torn between game, physics and graphics programming. I am more focused on the last one, but I really hope to have the chance to build my experience on these three themes.


I am practicing sport very often, I have started gymanstic (fix bar, parallel bars, pommel horse, vault, rings and floor) when I was 14teen. I like also to make skateboarding in skatepark or street pot. I am musician, piano since 17 years, guitare since 7 years, turntablism (vinyl scratching). I compose electro music since 2009 and I had different groups but my actual is called Hotline (see the soundcloud link in on the left bar). I appreciate cultural event (museum, movie, exposition, travels,...).

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You can contact me by mail for more details